Assembly 3457


On December 20, 2013, the Committee on Charters approved the establishment of Father Vincent Capodanno Assembly 3457, Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

The council affiliated with this assembly is Father Murphy Council 5535, Jacksonville Beach.


The founding Assembly Officers were:

Faithful Navigator                      SK Dewey Marshall, PGK, PFN, FDD, FSS

Faithful Friar                              SK Fr. Anthony Sebra   back up Deacon Thomas Hughes

Faithful Captain                         SK Michael Anderson

Faithful Pilot                              SK Devillo Boll, PFK, FDD

Faithful Comptroller                SK Kevin McCullagh

Faithful Scribe                           SK James Miller

Faithful Purser                          SK Gordon Scott, PFK, PFN

Faithful Admiral                       SK Gerald Rosivach, PGK, PFN

Faithful Inner Sentinel            SK Michael Montgomery, PGK

Faithful outer Sentinel            SK Peter Sapia, PGK

Faithful Trustee First Year,   SK Bernard Chattaway, PGK, FDD

Faithful Trustee Second Year,    SK Michael Ballentine, PGK, FDD

Faithful Trustee Third  Year     SK Donald Bruning, PGK