Father Cornelius J. Murphy

Rev. Cornelius  J. Murphy                  

June 23, 1901 – May 15,1964






Cornelius Joseph Murphy was born in Cold Spring, New York, June 23, 1901

Cornelius attended St. Joseph Seminary and College in Dunwoodie (Yonkers, NY) and was ordained by Patrick Cardinal Hayes in St. Patrick Cathedral, New York City, on June 2, 1928.

Father Murphy served the following two years as an assistant pastor with the pastors of St. Paul parish, Daytona Beach; St. Mary of the Lakes, Eustis; St. James, Orlando; and St. Joseph, Loretto.

St. Paul’s, also a mission parish at the time, joined with St. John’s parishioners in requesting a permanent pastor. At the time Jacksonville Beach had a year-round Catholic community of only 35 people.

In 1930 the bishop responded by assigning Father Murphy as the pastor of St. Paul’s. Father Murphy then established his residence in Jacksonville Beach and made St. John’s a mission church of St. Paul’s.

Father Murphy served St. Paul’s parish at Jacksonville Beach for the next 21 years.

In 1948, the Sisters of St. Benedict came to teach religion at St. Paul’s on Saturday mornings. Their influence prompted Father Murphy to establish St. Paul’s Catholic School in 1949.

Father Murphy left Jacksonville Beach for Bradenton, FL in October 1951.

In January 1961 Rev. Father Cornelius J. Murphy was appointed as chaplain of the Lourdes Residence in West Palm Beach, FL.

Father Murphy passed away on May 15th, 1964 at the Lourdes Residence.

A Requiem Mass was offered for Father Murphy on May 18 in Lourdes Residence and the funeral in the Cathedral of Miami took place on the morning of May 19, 1964.

Father Murphy was laid to rest at the Cemetery of the Parish of St. Joachim in Beacon, New York.