At our General Business meeting on June 3rd we held our annual election of officers. Please congratulate the following brothers on their new positions and thank the outgoing brothers for their past year (or years) of service.

Grand Knight: Dave Woodruff

Deputy Grand Knight: John Siess

Chancellor: Mark Parkulo

Warden: Larry Wagner

Recorder: Chris Stern

Advocate: Chuck Boll, PGK, PDD

Outside Guard: Joseph Wiggins, PGK

Inside Guard: Pat McLaughlin

Trustee One-Year: Gordon Scott, PGK

Trustee Two-Years: Don Barnhorst, PGK

Trustee Three-Years: Don Bruning, PGK

Financial Secretary: Ed Maxted

Treasurer: Todd Pace, PGK

After July 1, the Grand Knight has the pleasure to appoint a Lecturer and Committees for the term. Please let me know if you would be willing to step up and take on an appointment.

This will be our 50th Year and it would be great to make Star Council but it will take a maximum effort from all to achieve this goal.


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